What Clients Are Saying


"Our non-profit organization puts on a large Human Rights Awards event every year that includes live bands, numerous video presentations, donor awards, keynote speakers, human rights award presentations and acceptances—essentially a great many facets to organize and direct.   It’s been a challenge to find a director who has as much drive as we do, who pushes to make this event spectacular.  We finally found this person in Susan Koziak.   Susan is a consummate professional and really took the time to understand our cause and our passion for it.    She excels at planning out details well in advance— a vital factor for an event of our size and scope.   She ran all pre-production like a tight ship, kept the budget within range, and imbued each person with the desire to do their jobs well.   Her creative input went above and beyond what we had hoped for (or even knew was possible.)   Susan was a joy to work with and felt more like a part of our team than someone we had hired.   We were very fortunate to have found her.   She helped us pull off our most successful event in 20 years, which would come as no surprise for those who know her, because Susan is simply the person who raises the bar."


- Marla Filidei, Vice President CCHR International



"The first person I call after a date has been set for our annual conference is Susan Koziak.  Knowing her team will be handling the logistics gives us the confidence that it will be another successful event.   Susan’s team is always one step ahead and her creative solutions always enhance the outcome.  I’m always amazed at her list of contacts and resources which has proven time and time again so beneficial in creating memorable events.  Each year I think it can’t get any better … but somehow Koziak Productions out does themselves and the events continue to wow our guests year after year."


- Erik Dahlerbruch, SKECHERS U.S.A. 



"Susan Koziak is far and away the most polished and detail oriented event producer with whom I've had the pleasure to collaborate.  Our company fashion show involved five corporate participants, each with many execs who needed to approve each little change.  Despite all of the challenges, Susan navigated everyone like the seasoned professional she is, never stepped on any toes, made the entire experience go over without a hitch, and surpassed all expectations.  I can't wait for the next opportunity to work with her, and will sing her praises to anyone who needs the most knowledgeable and talented event producer I've ever encountered in the business."

- Jered Friedland Executive, Assistant to B Michael



"I have produced hundreds of fashion shows over the past almost 30 years and there is no better right hand than the wonderfully amazing Susan Koziak.  Susan has many extraordinary qualities and I’m proud to name a few here;  she is collaborative, creative, super-quick on her feet, candid, sweet natured, never a screamer or an abuser, never gets rattled, is always prepared has spot-on attention to detail and is a lovely, kind, smart professional.  In fact she is the consummate professional!  I am indeed fortunate to have her as my associate and proud to have this opportunity to recommend her to you!"

- Jim Watterson, FIDM Fashion Show Creative Director


"If there is a woman who can produce a fashion show well - it is Susan Koziak. She is approachable, honest, gifted, and hard working. I highly recommend Susan from corporate to fashion events producing and needs."

- Didiayer Snyder President, Snyder Ranch Production


"What’s on trend?  What look has to be on the runway?  The label we look for first is Koziak Productions.  We might have favorite models, music we want to use or a special effect we’ve just got to try out. But, those choices really pale to the selection of a production resource that is very much a partner.  Whether for a single show or a full-fledged fashion week, the flair, attention to detail, and budget management Susan brings is the first must-have."

- Katy Mason & Warren Chaumont, Style Week Orange County

"Susan Koziak is the Queen of Fashion Shows. Her expertise in handling everything from castings, bookings, fittings, music, staging, production and any additional task that arises, show Susan's unparalleled experience in the industry. Susan has access to the hottest local talent including models, entertainment and technical support/staging. Her commitment to her clients shines through in every interaction. We wouldn't even consider planning a show without her on the team.  In addition to being an unbelievable resource, she is always a joy to be around, keeping the stressful environment fun and organized."

- Lisa Sullivan Guerrero, Director of Operations and Communications, Guess, Inc

"We have worked with Susan Koziak on several fashion shows including LA Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week where the Kardashian sisters were special guests.  Her wealth of knowledge in the industry and contacts she brings with her are invaluable.  She takes the time to listen to the client and understand the brand and I can fully put all my trust in her in producing a fantastic show."

- Cassie Palmeri, Marketing Director, Beach Bunny Swimwear

"Susan has an uncanny ability to interpret a clients vision and translate it into technical terms that our production company understands. As a producer, she has an exceptional work ethic, and works tirelessly until the client’s needs are satisfied.  Susan anticipates problems and therefore is able to circumvent them.  She is a real asset to any show."

- Meg McNally, McNally Enterprises

"Susan Koziak is an amazing resource.  Being a stylist means having a creative eye.  Being a GREAT stylist means so much more.  A great stylist understands retail, has a business approach to producing the show, and has the resources to combat fires before they become firestorms.  You don't have to worry when Susan is producing - you can focus on making your event great, your sales superb - and she'll deliver you a great show."

- Erin Bianchi, Former Public Relations Manager, Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza

Susan and her team are beyond professional. I have worked with them on large-scale productions, including Macy's, GM, and Mattel, and my clients could not be more pleased. The styling and backstage management are unsurpassed.

- Raj Kapoor, Owner, Raj Kapoor Productions

"I can't say enough about Susan Koziak! Her focus, her dedication and her great sense of theme, style and presentation, combined with the "get it done right the first time, on time" attitude are what we all dream for in a colleague, collaborator and coordinator. Susan helped me be so much better at what I was able to do for the California Market Center because her ego is not present and her desire for the best presentations, events and shows are what make her the best in the business."

- Linda Arroz, Analyst/Producer/Publicist/Writer/Speaker, Makeover Media

"Susan Koziak not only puts her knowledge and expertise into creating an fantastic show, she also gives her heart and soul. She is fantastic working with both children and expectant adults. Susan is wonderfully professional and has great communication skills. She has so much experience, she completely puts your mind at ease and everything comes together flawlessly. She is a pro!!"

- Vivian Greco, Fashion Show Chair/Board Member Vice President, PADRE Foundation

"Susan is an exceptional event planner with amazing attention to detail.  I have worked on several events with her and she is truly one of the best in the business."

- Shelley Sheppard, Senior Director of Marketing, The Agency, La Jolla Group

"I’ve worked with Susan on multiple fashion shows both at Roxy and O’Neill.  She is always professional and easy to work with.  It’s amazing to know my shows will be completely coordinated and go off without a hitch!"

- Cedar Carter, Director of Marketing, O'Neill Girls

"I have worked with Susan in many different venues for many years. She is a smart blend of artist and practitioner, with that rare combination of vision and detail. She has a keen sense of aesthetics, is always tuned in to the most current and hip trends in music and production values, but most importantly, she is an exceptional communicator, so she is able to pull together remarkable performances from all concerned."

- Penny Collins, Woodbury University (previously from AIU)
Penny and Susan have worked together for 15 years.

"When I took over the fashion department for American InterContinental University one of my first assignments was to coordinate our annual fashion show.  I felt overwhelmed by the size of the show and the hundreds of details that it entailed.  My coworkers continually told me to relax – Koziak Productions will handle everything.  And they did-- with grace, style, efficiency, attention to detail, and cost effectiveness. The first year, I must admit, I cried when it was over.  I cried with relief and I cried with pride.  I would have been crying for much sadder reasons had the production team not been my rock!  I now head into each "fashion show season" without stress.  I have learned that, as long as Koziak Productions is on the job, the show will be amazing...as usual."

- Loree McConnell, Department Chair - Fashion, American InterContinental University
Koziak Productions produced the AIU Graduation Fashion Show for 15 years until 2010 when they sadly closed their doors.

"Susan does production from soup to nuts.....which means that details are forethought and polished, and the big picture is even shinier.  And my face is also beaming when I receive her bill because there are NEVER any surprises - even if there were unforeseen surprises in the production!  Somehow, Susan magically makes everything work. Her application and flexibility stems from years of experience and knowing her team inside and out."

- Louise Coffey-Webb, Fashion Design Chair, Woodbury University (2009 - 2010)

"Susan coordinated our annual luncheon and fashion show for National Charity League, Newport Beach Chapter. She fitted our 30 (non-professional) models head to toe, trained them on the runway, choreographed the fashion show, arranged lighting, staging, music, etc for an audience of 500 people. Everything was done with an incredible level of professionalism. It was a very memorable day. We look forward to working with Susan on future events."

- Chris Luebke, National Charity League Chair

"The organization Koziak Productions set in place was second to none. Everything ran like a Swiss watch and every detail was provided for with multiple backups. It was amazing to see how this operation worked so flawlessly that not a single faux pas occurred. What a pleasure to work with Susan and her people, who made us feel so warm and welcome, while always remaining the consummate professionals in charge. What a wonderful experience."

- Marilen Coughenour, Fashion Destination Group

"I just wanted to compliment you on putting together such wonderful shows. We obviously work with a lot of different clients each year, but few of our clients have the same ambition and drive to make their shows as creative, professional, and as a flawless as you do. At times it is a lot of hard work, but at the end of the day the results speak for themselves and they reflect well on everyone involved in the project.  Thank you for putting together such a great week of shows. Your attention to detail, work ethic, and creativity take your shows to a whole new level that few other producers can match."

- Patrick McNally, Video Department Head, McNally Enterprises

"I've photographed dozens of Susan Koziak produced fashion shows. At the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, in department stores, colleges, and hotel ballrooms. Where ever it is, in Miami or Los Angeles,  I always know – everything will work. It’s not a miracle but her outstanding planning which help to have shows without drama. She knows her models by name, has worked with the lighting techs, and listens to the photographer’s concerns. She runs her shows like a General, and I mean that as a compliment."

- Volker Corell, Runway Photographer, California Apparel News

"Thank you for all of your hard work and partnership. The show was gorgeous and very well executed, and your team was so hard working and professional."

- Elizabeth Freise, LA/OC Fashion Coordinator, Nordstrom

"Being asked to check only 3 attributes of Susan Koziak's skills is like asking to guess how many stars are in the sky - it's impossible! She is the most creative, energizing, thoughtful, philanthropic fashion professional - advisor-instructor-role model-fashion life coach - you name it. Anyone who works for her, or with her, learns and appreciates something new. Seeing students wanting to follow in her footsteps is gratifying."

- Lorrie Ivas, Associate Professor - Business/Retail/Fashion at Santa Monica College